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Roxanne 7 plus - flat sandal

Code: Roxanne 7 plus
Series: Exclusive

Type: Flat Sandal
Sizes: 35 - 43 EU

Exotic, wild, fabulous .. 

Roxanne, in ancient Persian, means "luminous beauty".
Roxanne was an exotic Bactrian princess who became wife of Alexander the Great. She bore him a son called
Alexander IV. After Alexander's death she and her son were murdered by Cassander.

Handmade boho leather sandal. Fine multi coloured cotton ribbon embellished with handsewn brilliant fildish elements,semi precious stones, natural sea shells and pon pon fringes. A jewel for your feet !!

Genuine, excellent quality cow leather, eco – friendly
treated upper and insole. High resistant rubber anti-slippery outsole.

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