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Penelope Strass AB / ER - NEW ARRIVAL

Code: Penelope Strass AB Esparto Rosegold
Series: Exclusive
Designer: Despina

Type: Low Heel platform with softform insole and outsole for comfortable and convenient walking.
Sizes: 35 - 42 EU

Penelope: The wife of the hero Odysseus in Greek mythology. She was celebrated for her faithfulness, patience, and feminine virtue. For the 20 years that her husband was away during and after the Trojan War, Penelope remained true to him and helped prevent his kingdom from falling into other hands.

Platform base: Hand dressed with natural Esparto grass fibers.
Insole: Softform, pure, high quality cow leather.
Upper: Fine cow leather hand tanned in rosegold colour.
Embellishment: High quality crystal strass braid made by Czech made (Preciosa) rhinestones in Aurora Borealis (Rainbow) coating.

 Genuine, excellent quality cow leather, eco – friendly treated upper and insole. High resistant rubber anti-slippery outsole.

new arrival !!

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