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Naiad 3 Brac / RCS - NEW ARRIVAL

Code: Naiad 3 Brac / RCS
Series: Boho

Colour: Metallic Rose Champagne - Painted by hand with made in USA highest quality metallic pigments.

Type: Flat Sandal 
Sizes: 35 - 43 EU

In Greek mythology, Naiads were the nymphs of rivers, streams, lakes, fountains and springs. They were minor goddesses who attended the assemblies of the gods on Mount Olympus.
Naiads, in conjunction with the goddess Artemis, were nurses of the young and the protectors of girls, overseeing their safe passage from child to adult. Apollo and the River Gods were the complimentary guardians of boys.

Elegant, Simple yet Adorable !!!
Handmade, handsewn leather sandals embellished with an exceptional, bronze, antique - silver plated bracelet. This bracelet is designed and made by hand by the famous Cretan jewelry maker Radamanthis and is based on ancient Minoan patterns.

Genuine, excellent quality cow leather, eco – friendly treated upper and insole. Elegant, extra durable, waterproof, highest quality TPR anti-slippery outsole.

new arrival !!

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