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Melia Net Gold / LW - NEW ARRIVAL

Code: Melia Net Gold / LW
Series: Exclusive

Type: Flat Sandal 
Sizes: 35 - 43 EU

In Greek mythology, the Meliae  were the nymphs of the ash trees. They were born from the drops of blood that fell on Gaia (Earth) when Cronus castrated Uranus.
The Meliae were nurses of the infant Zeus in the Cretan Dikti mountains where they fed him on the milk of the goat Amalthea and honey.

So chic !! Suitable for bridal sandal !!
Handmade, handsewn leather sandals embellished with a magnificent, very soft, elastic, gold net lace made from metallized fabric which adorns your legs around the angles or up to your knees if you prefer.
Additionally, a white strap is available inside the package in case you need to wear the sandals in a less formal event.

Genuine, excellent quality cow leather, eco – friendly treated upper and insole. Elegant, extra durable, waterproof, highest quality TPR anti-slippery outsole.

new arrival !!

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