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Matala Beach first found global fame in the late 1960s when it became a destination for young travelers during their journeys along the legendary ‘hippie trail’. These visitors would stay months at a time, living in the ancient caves by the beach. Matala provided an idyllic escape from the increasingly hectic world. It became the temporary home for thousands of young writers, poets, songwriters and travelers all dreaming of a peaceful world.

Tie Up handmade, handsewn Gladiator sandals embellished with a unique pure silk ribbon, blue and white cotton Pom Poms, beads, natural freshwater pearls, silk tassels and semi precious stones.
The amazing silk ribbon is hand embroidered by Cretan nuns at the monastery of Panagia Kaliviani.
Each pattern is unique. Never repeated exactly the same but similar.
Put them on and travel back to the ‘hippie trail’ time !!!

Genuine, excellent quality cow leather, eco – friendly treated upper and insole. High resistant rubber anti-slippery outsole.

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