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Amphitriti 3 - flat sandal

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Code: Amphitriti 3
Series: Exclusive

Type: Flat Sandal
Sizes: 35 - 43 EU

Amphitriti was the goddess-queen of the sea, wife of Poseidon, the eldest and prettiest of the fifty Nereides. She was the female personification of the sea--the loud-moaning mother of fish, seals and dolphins.When Poseidon first sought Amphitriti's hand in marriage, she fled his advances, and hid herself away near Atlas in the Ocean stream at the far ends of the earth. The dolphin-god Delphin eventually tracked her down and persuaded her to return to wed the sea-king.

Leave your mind travel back to Cleopatra's era !!

Handmade pure leather sandals, boho hippy chic style, embellished with multicolored friendships, hand knitted ribbons corals, semi precious stones and pure Italian murano glass elements.

Genuine, excellent quality cow leather, eco – friendly treated upper and
insole. High resistant rubber anti-slippery outsole.

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